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I'm Amelie:  A recovering perfectionist with a penchant for puns and handplanes. Before I learned woodworking and traditional boatbuilding in Amersfoort, The Netherlands, I worked in healthcare.

I started Amelieorate in order to have more opportunities to design and build for others.

My goal is not merely to make objects that satisfy need.  My goal is to create objects that improve and inspire creative processes in others:  adults, kids, makers, thinkers, teachers, learners.  The best project, for me, is one that helps you to care more, to connect more, and to create... better.

Since August 2020, I am also a member of De Vakvrouwen, an Amsterdam-based collective of professional furniture makers and designers.  If you are looking for something other than what I offer, please check them out.

If you have an inspiration that you would like to turn into an Amelieoration, please contact me via email:  

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