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Click on the "Amelieorations" drop-down menu to take a closer look. 

I make smaller Amelieorations to order, and larger Amelieorations to spec.  This means that sometimes you can find well-built items ready-to-buy on the website, or that I can make within a week or two.  Larger, custom orders require more planning and design work ahead of the actual fabrication, and therefore take longer (and cost more). 

If you have questions about this process, please don't hesitate to ask.  Commissioning custom work for the first time is exciting, but can also be overwhelming and confusing.  Asking questions and doing your research as a customer will enrich our collaboration.

I also recommend this article (in Dutch) for a simple explanation of what to expect when hiring a craftsperson to design and/or build a custom piece.

Ik raad dit artikel aan, voor een eenvoudige uitleg over wat u kunt verwachten als u een vakpersoon vraagt meubels op maat te laten ontwerpen en/of bouwen.

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