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Amelieorate creates products that inspire and motivate creative productivity.  Using responsibly-sourced wood as its principal medium, Amelieorate handcrafts physical improvements intended for everyday use.


These objects are called Amelieorations, from the word ameliorate, meaning (loosely) "to improve."


Amelieorations nudge their users to explore creatively, imagine a better world, and take action to make it so. 


Amelieorations ultimately result in a “pay it forward” chain of events, inspiring users to themselves create in such a way that results in a net improvement for someone else.

  • People, materials, and time deserve respect. 

  • Nothing handmade is perfect, nor should it be.

  • There is no one way to do anything.

  • Stories are invaluable.

  • The Earth is irreplaceable.

  • Learning happens when you try new things and listen hard.

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